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Anyone with just a basic understanding of HTML/CSS, or the ability to copy/paste, can use App Pile® to generate production-ready source code for the latest versions of Android, React Native & .net MAUI App Pile® - Source to source compiler


App Pile® is a revolutionary source-to-source transpiler that turns HTML & CSS into the equivalent code for other programming languages. The generated code is written using the standards & best practices for the given language.

A source-to-source compiler, transcompiler or transpiler is a type of compiler that takes the source code of a program written in one programming language as its input and produces the equivalent source code in another programming language.

  • Amazing layouts everytime View Layouts
  • Create a perfect UI/UX every time. Use inline styles, or reference some CSS classes. App Pile® works with all HTML elements and their attributes! Inputs for text, password, date, email, checkboxes, radio buttons, submit buttons & textareas, select or data lists, option values, images, header text, labels, link, spans, divs, links, buttons, line breaks, horizontal rules, bold, italics and literally everything else!
  • Event Hanedlers Event Handlers
  • One of the most time-consuming parts of app development is creating page classes. These files are typically written in a server side language such as Java or C# while React Native is JavaScript. These classes handle mundane coding tasks like variable declaration, assignments, instantiations, implementations, event handlers & state change. But once again, App Pile® has you covered & takes care of creating all of these for you so you can focus implementing complex business logic.
  • App Navigatation App Navigation
  • Every app needs navigation. Creating a slide-in navigation drawer, or adding a bottom menu is simple. Just put some links inside a nav element then wrap it inside a header tag and boom, you've got a slide-in navigation drawer. Implementing a bottom navigation menu works basically the same way. Just wrap the nav element and it's links inside a footer tag and you're all set! Include icons by simply adding an image to link.
  • Action Intents Action Intents
  • Intents are an essential part of app development and App Pile® effortlessly generates code to handle navigating from one page to another, sending emails, sms messages, phone dialer, or launching a URL in a web browser. All you have to do is use the href property of a link as you would in HTML. Really, that's it! If the href contains a http or www, the URL will open in a web view. To send an email, use the mailto: directive, or tel: to make a phone call, or sms: for text. To route between views, just link to a page in your app.

Save time and money

Android Developer Studio
  • The Software Company

    Crush your timelines! Free up expensive senior developers to focus on implementing complicated business logic, not layouts. App Pile® will empower your junior developers and even business teams by giving them the ability to produce production-ready code they can hand off in seconds.

  • The Small Business

    Let's face it, having an app built is expensive. Even the most basic 10K for a very basic app. App Pile® can create professionally written code in your language of choice. Just take the output with you and save thousands.

  • The Entrepreneur

    Are you a serial entrepreneur? Then App Pile® is perfect for you. Chances are, you already have some coding skills. Level up with App Pile®. Take your entrepreneurial spirit to the next level. Turn your ideas in demos, fast. Really fast.

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App Pile® is an inexpensive solution to a costly problem. Finding talented software engineers is difficult and keeping a roster of rockstar coders can put a huge dent in your margins. Keep your talent working on the tricky business logic and let App Pile® take care of the grunt work.

Software companies charge upwards of $250 per hour to develop mobile apps. Save thousands in development costs by using App Pile® to generate production-ready code.

Spend more time pitching your product, not coding or sitting in development meetings. Let App Pile® supercharge your timelines and get to market faster.

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